Every Family Should Own

1. Kid-Friendly Tablet

Sure, you probably limit screen time when you’re at home. But when you’re on a plane, there’s nothing like a tablet to keep toddlers and kids quiet and happy. Our family’s favorite tablet for kids is the Kindle Fire. It’s high-tech enough to satisfy our mini gadget geeks, but affordable enough to be replaced if it gets damaged.

 Kindle Fire HD 8 Tablet

2. Headphones for Kids

You probably don’t want to hear Peppa Pig blasting from their tablet all flight long, and neither do your fellow passengers! So be sure to pack a pair of kid-sized headphones. Our girls love these headphones because they’re comfortable, and fold easily into a handy little pouch.

 BestGot Over Ear Kids Headphones

3. Sturdy Tablet Case

The best way to protect that indispensable tablet is to buy a good cover for it. Our family loves this silicone case because it provides solid, rubbery protection all around. Plus it’s easy for little hands to grip, making it less likely the tablet will drop to the floor!

 Fintie Silicone Case

4. Kids Neck Pillow

For those long-haul flights or lengthy road trips, you want to keep your little ones comfy! Our girls love these neck pillows because they are soft and cuddly, plus they come in a ton of fun colors and animal prints.

 World’s Best Neck Pillow

5. Sleep Mask for Kids

Eye masks really help to calm the body down and keep fluctuations in lighting from affecting sleep. Our girls love these adorable eye masks because they’re made of a super-soft and smooth fabric, and they come in four adorable animal designs – cat, pig, bumble bee and ladybug! 

 Nido Nest Sleep Eye Mask

6. Kids Backpack

We always make sure our girls each wear their own backpack onto the plane. That way they can carry their own tablet, headphones, coloring books, snacks, and all the other essentials they need to get through a flight. We’re big fans of The North Face because their designs are so well-thought-out, and their quality is impeccable. We always strap their neck pillows to the backpack using that front strap – works like a charm! 

 The North Face Youth Backpack

7. Melatonin Gummies

I’m generally a pretty good sleeper, but on long-haul flights I could always use a little extra help! Melatonin is a great all-natural sleep aid that is not habit-forming in any way. Nowadays it even comes in this delicious gummy format, which I love. We always throw a handful of these into a Ziploc bag when we have a long flight ahead of us. It does wonders!

 Nature Made Melatonin 2.5 mg. Adult Gummies

The bottle above is for adults only, but melatonin works wonders for kids too! For the little ones, I recommend this product as the dosage is catered specifically for children.

 Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep Gummies

8. International Carry-On Suitcase

Our family almost always flies carry-on only. We love saving time by skipping the bag drop and baggage claim, as well as the security of never having to worry about lost luggage! Every airline’s carry-on size requirements differ slightly, so I recommend buying an international carry-on sized suitcase, as its dimensions are most likely not to cause any issues. Tumi makes great luggage that lasts forever, plus in recent years they’ve been coming out with the kind of fashion-forward designs that I love! 

 Tumi 19 Degree International Carry-on

9. Packing Cubes

If you’re not already using packing cubes, now’s the time to start! I’m a big evangelist for families to travel carry-on only, and the best way to fit everything in is by using packing cubes. Our family loves these because we get such great bang for our buck: not just 4 packing cubes but a laundry bag too! 

 Shacke Pak 4-Set Packing Cubes

10. Toiletry Bottles

When you fly carry-on only like we do, you need to get creative when it comes to packing your toiletries. Not every product comes in travel-size, so that’s when you need to get decanting! I love these silicon travel bottles because they are super squeezy, meaning I can get every last drop of product out. Plus their wide openings makes them easy to clean when we get back! 

 KAIROS-GO Travel Toiletry Bottles