For Travel

Here are links to all the products I featured in this TikTok series. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Part 1: For the plane
Part 2: For your toiletries
Part 3: For your devices
Part 4: For packing (coming soon)
Part 5: To combat the elements (coming soon)
Part 6: For road trips (coming soon)
Part 7: For the theme park (coming soon)

Part 1: For the Plane

Collapsible smartphone stand

My favorite fanny pack / belt bag

My favorite sleep mask

My favorite neck pillow

My favorite travel blanket

Part 2: For your toiletries

Travel toothbrush

2.5 oz Colgate toothpaste

Collapsible silicon travel size bottles

My favorite toiletries pouch

My favorite shower cap

Part 3: For your devices

Electronics organizer

My favorite big battery pack

My favorite small battery pack

USB power strip

Universal travel adapter

Waterproof smartphone case