11 Reasons You Should Visit Aruba Right Now

The Caribbean island that has it all, Aruba offers a true taste of paradise. Our guide brings together the island’s top attractions for anyone wanting to make the most of Aruba travel.

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1. Flamingo Beach

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Flamingo Beach in Aruba. Photo: Sergey Karpov

Situated on the south-west edge of the privately owned Renaissance Island, this adult-only beach offers a serene haven for human and flamingo visitors alike. The flamingo population here is thriving, so prepare for a few close encounters with these feathered beauties while you relax with a cocktail from the nearby Papagayo Bar & Grill. Flamingo Beach gives one of the most unique photo opportunities. Nothing sums up Aruba travel better than a flamingo selfie!

2. Oranjestad

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Downtown Oranjestad, Aruba. Photo: Pablo Hidalgo

A charming clash of old and new, Aruba’s capital is a bustling harbor city and a must-see when it comes to Aruba travel. Everything from international luxury retailers through to diverse boutiques can be found here, as well as a hive of nightlife including bars, restaurants, casinos and clubs.

3. Eagle Beach

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Crystal-clear waters of Eagle Beach, Aruba. Photo: Luis Henrique De Moraes Boucault

Thrill-seeker or sun-seeker, Eagle Beach has something for everyone. Crystal clear waters create the ultimate playground for those who enjoy water sports, while sandy beaches give those looking for a more sedate experience, the chance to relax Caribbean-style.

4. California Lighthouse

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The famous California Lighthouse of Aruba. Photo: skdesign

Originally invented to warn incoming ships away from Aruba’s rocky edge, the California Lighthouse now beckons tourists in, offering an opportunity to enjoy a unique view of the island’s western coastline. Head to the lighthouse to enjoy an island sunset.

5. Palm Beach

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Palm Beach in Aruba, looking north toward Malmok Beach. Photo: Jo Ann Snover

A two-mile-long cosmopolitan hotspot, Palm Beach is a popular destination where high-rise hotels tower over sugar-white beaches, and lazy sun-drenched days give way to buzzing nightlife. Along with a host of eateries and bars, you’ll find two of Aruba’s biggest shopping centers, cinema theaters and bowling allies.

6. Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

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The Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins of Aruba. Photo: Carmen Sognonvi

Mostly in ruins today, this was once the site of Aruba’s own gold rush. For much of the 19th century the precious metal was mined here. Many superstitions still exist at the site, believing that stacking loose rocks and making a wish brings good fortune.

7. Baby Beach

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Baby Beach, Aruba. Photo: Kjersti Jorgensen

One of Aruba’s most famous beaches, Baby Beach is situated in a calm lagoon. Its white sandy stretch makes it a favorite among families with children wanting to enjoy Aruba travel at its best.

8. Casibari Rock Formation

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The Casibari Rock Formations of Aruba. Photo: Ritu Jethani

Situated just north of Hooiberg, clusters of tonalite rocks sit together to form this natural spectacle, surrounded by hiking trails and a collection of cacti. For those visitors looking to experience true Aruban wilderness, a visit to Casibari should most definitely be on the itinerary.

9. Boca Grandi

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Aruba’s Boca Grandi Beach. Photo: Jo Ann Snover

This long stretch of white Caribbean sands is situated on the eastern side of Aruba’s southern tip. It’s challenging waves make this a favorite destination for advanced kitesurfers, as well as those who like to watch from the safety of the sand.

10. Natural Bridge

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One of Aruba’s smaller natural bridges. Photo: Carmen Sognonvi

Part of the Arikok National Park, the remains of the Natural Bridge are a must-see when it comes to Aruba travel. The naturally formed, 100ft-long limestone arch was the largest of its kind until its collapse in 2005, and the ruins now attracts tourists from across the world to admire the rugged rocky cliffs. There are several smaller natural bridges in Aruba, like this one near the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins.

11. Wild Coastline of Aruba

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The rugged coastline of Aruba. Photo: Carmen Sognonvi

The coastline of Aruba is somewhat contrasting in geography, but consistent in beauty. White sandy beaches align the western shores, while the eastern side of the island is much rockier and extremely rugged.

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