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5 Travel Upgrades to Splurge On After Saving Money on Prescriptions

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Small travel upgrades can really make a big difference for families on the go, but the costs of each upgrade can add up. Before I share my list of best travel upgrades for families, let me give you some advice on how to pay for them. I’m all about finding money in my budget to have a better travel experience with my family, and my latest discovery is definitely worth sharing: ScriptSave® WellRx, an app that helps us save up to 80% on prescriptions here in New York City (and can help you where you are, too)! Many thanks to ScriptSave WellRx for sponsoring this post.

best travel upgrades for familiesDid you know that medications can cost more from one pharmacy to the next? I had no idea! All you have to do is type in your zip code and ScriptSave WellRx finds you the best price, much like the way you find the best hotel and airfare prices online. ScriptSave WellRx is free to download, requires no credit card details to be entered, and has no membership fee. Just use the code TopFlight when you register. Ask your pharmacist to check both rates for your prescription (the price you might pay with insurance and the price you might pay with ScriptSave WellRx) and choose whichever is lower. Easy as that!

When I first heard about ScriptSave WellRX, I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical. A completely free service that saves you money on prescriptions? I also assumed that since I had a rather expensive health insurance plan, ScriptSave WellRX wouldn’t be able to get me lower pricing on medication. One day on a whim, I registered and asked my pharmacist to check how much my birth control pills would be with ScriptSave WellRx instead of my regular insurance. To my surprise, it was nearly half the price! I haven’t looked back since.

best travel upgrades for familiesWith all the money you’ll save, you can easily spring for these travel upgrades:

1. Your flight

Opt for first class, business class or premium economy. You’ll get more leg room, food, and often alcohol. You’ll get to board earlier, which means you’ll have an easier time stowing your carry-on luggage without a line of people breathing down your neck!

2. Hang in the airport lounge

Skip the noisy terminal and take the kids to a less stimulating environment to wait for your flight: the airport lounge. Sometimes, there are separate kids rooms, equipped with toys and games. Access comes with first class tickets, but you can also buy a day pass or gain access as a perk for being a holder of specific credit cards.

3. Your room

Upgrade from a standard room to a large suite or book two adjoining rooms. A little bit of separation between you and the kids will make everyone happier. We like the one bedroom suite option. We can put the girls to bed earlier in the living room fold-out couch while we stay up later in our bedroom. Extended stay hotels are a great option, too, because they provide full kitchens and homier atmosphere.

4. Join the club

Certain floors of hotels are essentially like business class versus coach on an airplane. While each hotel might have a different name for it, the club level lounge is one of the absolute best travel upgrades for families. They serve food all day long, so you’ll likely save money in the end. No need to shell out big bucks at a restaurant or on room service! Other amenities can include things like free shuttle service, so you don’t have to pay for cabs, and free clothes ironing. Often there’s also a private concierge that can help you organize activities and tours.

5. Your time

When traveling with kids, plan for childcare so that you can get some time to yourself. If you’re staying at a resort, there will probably be some sort of kids’ club, where they have structured activities specifically meant to entertain the kids. If you’re staying somewhere without a kids’ club, you can hire a babysitter. Many babysitting and nanny agencies now specialize in providing vacation babysitters to traveling families.

best travel upgrades for familiesYou don’t have to painstakingly budget to be able to afford the best travel upgrades for families. Simply shop smarter, starting with prescriptions your family uses everyday anyway! Download ScriptSave WellRx and start planning your next family vacation!

best travel upgrades for familiesThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ScriptSave® WellRx.


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There are many ways to upgrade your experience when you travel, but which are the best travel upgrades for families? Here are the five I recommend most.

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