Traveling Abroad Without the Kids? Be Sure to Use This Caregiver Checklist

On Top Flight Family we are all about traveling the world with kids. But what if the opportunity presents itself for you to travel outside of the country with your partner and leave the kids at home? One of the most important things to keep in mind is that leaving a detailed checklist for their caregiver is a must.

travel caregiver checklist

Kids always do better in their own environment, and having someone keep them in your home while you are away is best.

Here is a list of the top ten things that your caregiver should know while you are away.

☐ Pediatrician contact information

☐ Name and address of the nearest children’s hospital in case of emergency

☐ Times for pick up and drop off at school or daycare

☐ Food preferences for breakfast, lunch and dinner

☐ List any known allergies

☐ Bedtimes and nightly routines

☐ School uniforms or dress codes

☐ Leave a list of codes to doors in the home and the alarm system

☐ Copies of insurance cards and a letter of consent that gives the caregiver the right to act as legal guardian in your absence

☐ Leave cash for groceries or any unexpected expenses

Here is a sample letter of consent that you may use that will give your caregiver permission to make decisions about the care of your children in your absence. This letter should be signed and a copy should be given to your child’s teacher. This letter may also be re-worded and presented to any healthcare provider in case of emergency.

Any Town Elementary
1234 Any Town Rd
Any Town, USA

Re: Johnny Smith

Dear Mrs. Teacher,

My husband and I will be out of town February 1st, 20xx through February 5th, 20xx. In our absence we have made arrangements for Johnny to be picked up by ___________ and the mode of transportation is ____________. This is only temporary and we wanted you to be aware. He will resume his normal pick up with us starting February 6th, 20xx. We will not be available by phone or email. Johnny will be cared for by his grandmother, Granny Smith. Granny Smith may be reached at (XXX)-XXX-XXXX.

Mrs. Smith

Have a family meeting to discuss expectations and make sure that your kids are comfortable with their caregiver.

Having alone time with your partner and being able to see the world with them is what every relationship needs. Not having to worry about the safety of your children while abroad helps you to enjoy the moment. Take the extra time to prepare for your children and caregiver while you are away so that everyone has a great experience.

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