About Carmen Sognonvi

Carmen Sognonvi is a luxury family travel content creator at Top Flight Family, named a top 10 family travel Instagram account by Time Out New York and Brit + Co. Her insights on travel have been featured in The Washington Post, INSIDER, Huffington Post, Wanderlust Travel Magazine, TravelPulse, HOTELS Magazine, and more. Carmen firmly believes that you can (and should) travel with your kids from a young age. She offers families practical solutions for travel, as well as tips on how to travel in luxury for less. She lives in New York City with her multiracial and multicultural family of four. Follow her on Instagram, FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

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About Alisha Nesbitt

Alisha NesbittAlisha Nesbitt is a wife, mom, entrepreneur and travel addict based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has traveled to 28 countries, 5 continents and counting. Follow her on her blog and on Facebook.

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About Beth Beckman

Beth BeckmanBeth Beckman lives and breathes New York City, where she is a travel writer and explorer, and doesn’t like to sleep. She is the founder of Lil Kid Big City, where she writes about her explorations in NYC and beyond with her young son. Follow their adventures through her website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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About Caroline Reader

Caroline Reader is: Writer. Shopaholic. Traveller. Yoga instructor. Hostess. Sun worshipper. Mum. White wine sipper. Lover of cobbled streets. Sushi addict. Learn more about Caroline on her website and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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About Christine Knight

Christine KnightChristine Knight is a Sydney-based travel writer and blogger, and mum to one daring five-year-old. You can follow her adventures around the world on her blog and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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About Chrystal Anderson

Chrystal Anderson and her husband are the proud co-owners of Cruise Planners-Virtue Travel. They travel often, and love to share their travel experiences with others. Follow Chrystal's adventures on her blog, and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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About Dianne Sivulka

Dianne Sivulka is a former teacher who became a stay-at-home mom and homeschooler. Today she and her husband are traveling near and far with their boys every chance they get. She writes about educational travel tips at ourEDventures. Follow her on Instagram and Pinterest.

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About Elina Furman

Elina FurmanElina Furman is a seasoned travel journalist living with her family in the great New York area. She covers luxury family travel and her work has appeared in Inspirato magazine, Fodors, Orbitz and Westchester Magazine. Visit her site and follow her on Instagram.

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About Elise Edwards

Elise EdwardsElise Edwards is a former writer, producer, anchor and reporter for CNN who most recently served as Supervising Producer at E! Networks. She currently attempts to keep up her writing for TV, magazines and blogs, including her own LuxeAngelesMom.com, while chasing after two kids and a dog in Santa Monica. Follow her adventures on her blog, and on Twitter and Facebook.

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About Elizabeth Middleton

Elizabeth Middleton is a Calgary, Canada based luxury living writer with a degree in political science from Rutgers University. Adopted from Vietnam, she grew up near Baltimore and has lived in Italy, West Africa, Manhattan, and Australia. After more than 15 years in corporate marketing, she now spends her time freelance writing, blogging, and traveling the world with her Australian husband and their nine year-old daughter. Follow her on her blog, and on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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About Emelie Cheng Pollard

Emelie Cheng PollardEmelie Cheng Pollard is an art director, graphic designer, and travel enthusiast. Born in Canada but raised by expat parents traveling the globe, she is now mother to a 5-year old of her own in Stockholm, Sweden, which she has called home for the last 10 years. Becoming a parent has only fueled her passion for travel even more, with the view that exploring the world is the best education she can possibly provide. Through writing, documenting and sharing travel stories and tips, she hopes to inspire other families to embrace adventure and go abroad without fear. Follow her on Instagram and Pinterest.

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About Erica Driscoll

Erica DriscollErica Driscoll is a stay at home mom to three children under six who believes that the best way for children and adults to cultivate an understanding of the world is through experience. She spends many late nights after her kids have gone to bed dreaming about new destinations and writing about recent travel experiences on her blog. She hopes to instill courage in the hearts of other parents who want to show their children the world but haven’t figured out how yet. Follow Erica on her blog and on Instagram.

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About Erica Louise

Erica LouiseErica Louise hails from the United Kingdom and migrated to Australia in 2005. Erica worked in the international travel industry for many years, recruiting volunteers to work in remote communities around the world in the name of community development and wildlife conservation research. When Erica is not writing and creating for her ethical fashion blog Recycled Fashion, she writes, edits and runs the social media pages for KidTown Melbourne and Melbourne Mums Group, as well as the Melbourne column for Weekend Notes. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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About Guiomar Ochoa

Guiomar Ochoa works in the arts and is a freelance travel writer. She has called both Rome and Paris home but is settled, for now, in her hometown of Washington, D.C. with her husband and two young children. Fluent in Spanish, Italian and French, she is adamant about passing down her love of languages, travel and cultures to her kids.. Follow her on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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About Hilarie H. Robison

Hilarie RobisonHilarie H. Robison is a writer, facilitator and strategist who believes in leaving a legacy for loved ones. With a professional background in public policy and non-profits, she recently joined her husband in family entrepreneurship. Together they launched Legacy Tale, where they help families make and keep memories. Natives of Las Vegas, the Robisons love to travel with their two school-aged children. Follow Hilarie's adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

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About Jennifer Payne

Jennifer PayneJennifer Payne is a high school teacher and academic advisor.  She and her husband of 23 years, Jeff, are co-founders of Love Grows Here, a company that aids families in their journey to grow victorious, powerful kids!  They work to counsel parents and children on all matters of the family heart, as well as offering academic tutoring services via Skype and in-person.  Jennifer and Jeff have two big kids; Hannah is a 20 year-old American Literature major at UCLA and Ben is a junior in high school with mad ice hockey skills.  They love traveling together and have journeyed as a family to such places as Italy, France, England, Mexico, many US locations, and have a trip planned next summer to India.  You can connect with Jennifer via Instagram, Facebook, and her blog.

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About Jojo Fraser

jojo fraserJojo Fraser is author of the popular blog mummyjojo.com, a wellness columnist and is currently writing her first book. Follow her on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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About Karen Temme

Karen Temme Karen Temme is an Australian expat mum in Dubai. She teaches babies to swim but has also been a pediatric physiotherapist, a birthday fairy, and mystery shopper. If she is not on her couch searching on hotel websites, then she is generally on a vacation somewhere with an awesome pool and an okay kids club. Follow her on Instagram.

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About Kati Ala-Ilomäki

Kati Ala-IlomäkiKati Ala-Ilomäki is a Finnish freelancer writer and a mother of four. She loves good conversation, her kids and inspiring ideas. Follow her on her blog and on Instagram.

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About Kayla Keigley

Kayla KeigleyKayla Keigley is a wife, mom to three daughters under the age of 7, public health professional and an enthusiastic wanderer and traveler. Kayla and her husband believe travel is best done off the beaten path and strive to raise their daughters as global citizens, by fostering a love for language, culture, food and adventure. Follow her on her blog or on Instagram.

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About Kylie Gibbon

Kylie Gibbon and her family from New Zealand love traveling the globe along with their 4- and 6-year-old children. So far they've visited 12 countries and taken 19 flights through Asia and Europe. You can follow their travels on their blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

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About Lahnee Pavlovich

Lahnee PavlovichLahnee Pavlovich, aka That Mum Lady, is an Australian based writer who loves to pack up her little family and discover the world. Visit her blog and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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About Leah Furman

Leah Furman is a Brooklyn-based travel and lifestyle writer as well as the author of more than 25 books. She has written about her travels and the best places to stay for A-List Mom, Jamrock, Inspirato, Nikki Style, My Little Swans and Travel Holiday.

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About Lorelle Williams

Lorelle Williams is a freelance journalist, visiting and promoting the world’s most luxurious spas and retreats. She is passionate about the integration of holism into conventional medicine and her blog, spa-gazing, is used as a platform to encourage others to take care of their health. Lorelle is based in Liverpool, England and practices law outside of journalism. Visit her blog, Spa Gazing, and follow her on Instagram.

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About Lucy Fisk

Lucy FiskLucy Fisk is a mother of two in her thirties living in Kent, England. She loves to travel with her family and has been lucky enough to see lots of the world, which she now enjoys visiting with her children. Follow her adventures on her blog, and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

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About Marianna Digka

Marianna DigkaMarianna Digka is a mother of four, a photographer and travel blogger. She lives by the sea in the heroic city of Marathon in Greece and will leave everything she does to meet a friend for an original Greek coffee and a good talk. She will happily answer any question that involves traveling to Greece. You can follow her adventures on her blog and connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.

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About Meghan Sherwin

Meghan Sherwin is the founder and active board member of the award-winning Non-Profit: Safe Streets, Kids at Play. She is also the mother of two boys. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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About Ngozi Assata

Ngozi AssataNgozi Assata is a proud Washington, DC native. She currently resides in Philadelphia, where she studies mass media and interns with a local music blog. She loves anything travel/media related and hopes to make a career out of documenting her experiences around the globe. Follow her adventures on her blog, and on Instagram and Twitter.

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About Orla Corrigan

Orla Corrigan is a travel blogger and freelance travel writer. She is soon to embark on a digital marketing course and hopes to pursue global destination marketing or travel public relations. She has traveled extensively over the past five years and called has Greece, London, Australia, Vienna and Thailand home. Throughout her travels she has been a TV extra, an English teacher, event planner and fashion stylist. Follow her adventures on her blog, and on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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About Pamela Wilkes

pamela wilkesPamela Wilkes is a freelance writer and former barrister whose life-long love of travel was sparked during her own expat childhood. Originally from the UK and currently living in Dubai, her wanderlust has evolved into a passion for family travel, involving regular global adventures with her kids. Follow her on her blog, and on Twitter and Instagram.

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About Priya Vin

Priya VinPriya Vin is a family travel blogger who believes that exposing children to the world outside the suburbs is key to having an enriched childhood. Life is pretty routine with school, music lessons, baseball tournaments, friends from very similar backgrounds inside our suburbs. There is so much that books teach you but to experience something – visiting a museum, marveling at architecture, learning a few phrases in a new language, trying a new dish or just being in nature teaches kids so much more, these exposures makes for lasting memories and life lessons. The world outside is limitless with things to do, places to see, people to know, foods to savor… our intent to break away from the known is the only thing limiting us. Travel is not about counting countries or passport stamps but making memories and cherishing them! Visit her blog, Outside Surburbia, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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About Sophia Klotsa

Sophia KlotsaSophia Klotsa has been a savvy world traveler since her early years. She has travelled to over 50 countries so far, and her goal is to reach a 100 countries by the time she is 50! She has traveled extensively as a child and then later in life for her studies and work, until she had her own family. Now she continues traveling -- that is at the same time a passion and a way of life for her -- with her family. She studied communications and psychology in the U.S. that she still practice with passion, and she started writing about luxury travel as a hobby some years ago. Her articles have been featured in many digital and print media through the years, including Conde Nast Traveler, Woman Symbol, Departure Blvd, Selides, Ladylike.gr and many others. She is working on launching her own travel blog in the next couple of months that will focus on luxury family travel. When she doesn't travel, she spends time with her family or organizes the next adventure they will have together. Follow her on Instagram.

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About Sophie Pirlot

sophie pirlotSophie Pirlot is a Belgian mother of three girls, living in South Africa. She is a travel writer for various websites. Follow her on her blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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About Stefanie Clutten

Stefanie CluttenStefanie is living and loving the active life with her husband and two children. Their passion is traveling and being outdoors together. This takes the form of running, biking, triathlons, open water swimming, CrossFit and just about any outdoor challenge that they can fit into their busy lives. Follow her on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

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About Summer Martin

Raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Summer Martin is a passionate photographer, future world explorer and always trusting in the Lord. Summer graduated from Hawaii Community College with a Digital Media Arts Certificate. Follow her adventures on her blog and on Instagram.

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About Zeina Davis

Zeina DavisZeina Davis is a marketing and events professional out of the DC area. Growing up in a multicultural household, she and her family travel all around the world in search of adventure. Follow her on Pinterest and Instagram.

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