5 Ways to Help Your Daughter Feel Powerful

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Think back to your childhood. How many times did you feel powerless as a little girl? Maybe children were to be seen and not heard in your family. Maybe the girls weren’t paid as much attention in math class, and were therefore, left to fail. Perhaps you watched your own mother struggle to make ends meet because she was a single mom. Most girls face disadvantage and discrimination, but the world’s 1.1 billion girls need to know that they deserve better.

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Empowered girls across the globe are raising their voices and working to end inequalities. To keep the momentum going, UN Women has designated October 11th as International Day of the Girl.

While we may be making positive strides here in the U.S., there are plenty of places around the world where even educating a girl is considered shameful. International Day of the Girl is an opportunity for all of us to commit to investing in skills training, lifestyle improvements, and education for girls the world over who are facing crises. These future leaders will use the skills they develop today to rebuild their communities tomorrow.

empowering girls
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To that end, Athleta (a company that believes when all women come together, we’ll be unstoppable) has partnered with Girls Leadership to equip girls with the courage, skills, and community to exercise the power of their voice. When you purchase a limited edition All Kinds of Powerful tee or sweatshirt through October 31st, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Girls Leadership.

So how can you help the girls in your own life cultivate power?

1. Encourage her to get out and get active
Taking the first step builds confidence. Whether it’s participating in a sport, joining a club, or speaking out about an injustice she sees, if the girl in your life expresses interest in something, help to ignite the passion within her.

empowering girls
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2. Help her to take a risk
Does she want to change directions or try something she’s never seen done before? Teach her that failure means she actually tried something! Help to reframe failing so she’ll be brave enough to go out on a limb again one day, instead of building insecurities and self-doubt.

3. Tell her to see it through
If she started something, she’ll learn invaluable lessons by finishing what she started, even when things aren’t going her way.

empowering girls
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4. Lead by example
She’s watching you, so practice what you preach! And when things don’t work out, don’t hide your emotions. Girls need to see the full range of emotions from women, and to see that we’re unstoppable anyway.

5. Open up a dialogue
I asked my young daughters questions about power and got some interesting responses. Jot your conversations in a journal and then ask the same questions a year later. Compare her answers through the years.

empowering girls
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Here are some samples from my chat with my daughters:

Q: When you feel super brave what does your body do?
A: My heart beats fast and my shoulders go back. My muscles feel big. Sometimes I smile, but sometimes I make this serious face. I take a deep breath and feel like jumping!

Q: What pose would you make if you felt bravest of all?
A: I would do a superhero pose! (One daughter threw a fist in the air and kicked, while the other put her hands on her hips and took a wide stance.)

Q: What does being powerful mean to you?
A: Being powerful means being in charge. Sometimes it means being really strong, like lifting a car, and sometimes it means being really strong like standing up to a bully.

empowering girls
Photo: Wini Lao

I can’t wait to see how their answers change through the years! You can wrap up your conversation by reminding the girls in your life of all the ways they are already powerful.

empowering girls
Photo: Wini Lao

Join Athleta, Girls Leadership, and women the world over in celebrating and empower girls this International Day of the Girl! Purchase your All Kinds of Powerful hoodie or long-sleeve t-shirt and share on social media using #dayofthegirl!

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