The Best Way to Get Better Vacation Photos? Hire a Flytographer

Every family has its unofficial designated photographer. If you’re that person, you’ve probably looked through photos after a great family vacation and realized that one person is absent from the photos: You! Short of whipping out the selfie stick every single time you take a picture, the best way to solve this issue is to hire a vacation photographer to take photos of you.

Flytographer is a company that allows you to easily find quality local photographers wherever your family is traveling to. They currently serve over 190 locations worldwide, and allow you to browse each photographer’s portfolio on the site to find one whose aesthetic you like. Since Flytographer offers standard priced packages, there’s no need to haggle over money. And on top of all that, you get digital downloads of all your photos so that you can easily share them on social media. (None of that “pay $1,000 for a leather-bound photo album of pictures and no you can’t have the digital files” stuff you often get with other photographers.)

Flytographer Review: Aruba

Our first experience using Flytographer was during a recent vacation to Aruba. We worked with Ayrton, an impressive young man who started his own photography business at the young age of 18. He was clearly experienced in photographing families, as he knew exactly which poses and angles he wanted to capture. We felt very comfortable being directed by him, and he was great with our kids.

vacation photographer flytographer review
Walking down Eagle Beach in Aruba. Photo: Ayrton Tromp
vacation photographer flytographer review
Playing on Eagle Beach in Aruba. Photo: Ayrton Tromp
vacation photographer flytographer review
At the National Archaeological Museum of Aruba. Photo: Ayrton Tromp
vacation photographer flytographer review
Exploring downtown Oranjestad. Photo: Ayrton Tromp

Flytographer Review: Montreal

Our second experience with Flytographer was on a trip to Montreal with my sisters. Iris and Aurora live on the other side of the world from me, so any chance that we can all be in the same city at the same time is a special treat for us. We decided to mark the occasion with a family portrait session. We worked with Marie, a lovely young woman who had a knack for finding just the right spots to capture the beauty of Old Montreal’s architecture.

vacation photographer flytographer review
Enjoying time with my sisters. Photo: Marie Des Neiges Magnan
vacation photographer flytographer review
Our girls love their aunties! Photo: Marie Des Neiges Magnan
vacation photographer flytographer review
Family stroll in Old Montreal. Photo: Marie Des Neiges Magnan
vacation photographer flytographer review
Enjoying fall in Montreal. Photo: Marie Des Neiges Magnan

Here are some insider tips to make your Flytographer experience the best that it can be:

Insider Tip 1:
Have a clear idea of what you want

Flytographer makes the booking process very easy. You’ll be asked to fill out an online form with the locations where you’d like to shoot, how little or much direction you’d like from the photographer, whether you’d like more posed or candid shots, what your style inspiration is, and any other special requests you’d like to make. To get the best possible photos, take some time to think through exactly what you’d like the end product to be like. Be as specific as possible about the look and feel you’re going for and which people combinations you want (whole family vs. just the parents vs. just the kids). Have a look through the Flytographer blog to find shoots in a style you like, and include the links when you submit the form. Remember: photographers are visual people, so if you can provide visual examples of what you like or don’t like, it’ll help you get the type of photos you’re looking for.

Insider Tip 2:
Plan around your child’s energy level

One thing that can make or break a photo shoot? Your kid’s mood. Our 3-year-old gets tired and cranky in the afternoons, so we made sure to book both photo shoots in the morning. Keep your child’s energy levels in mind and pick a time that they are likely to be at their most cooperative.

Insider Tip 3:
Bring an outfit change

Want to get even more bang for your Flytographer buck? Take photos at two different locales, with two different sets of outfits. In Aruba, we booked the 60 Minute Subtle Chronicler package. Since the island is small, we were able to split that hour between two locations: downtown Oranjestad and Eagle Beach. We changed our clothes in between the two shoots, and as a result, have two sets of photos with completely different looks and feels.

We’ve been so happy with our Flytographer experiences that we’re planning to make these photo shoots a part of every vacation we take in the future. Travel is all about creating family memories, and having a quality photographer on hand to preserve those memories in their entirety is just priceless.

Top Flight Family received a media discount. All opinions are our own.

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