How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling

Creepy crawlies make most people uncomfortable. But what about those that are invading our personal space… like bed bugs? These tiny critters are hardy little things, and while we may be in control of our bed cleaning regime at home, what about when we go on vacation? Here’s how to avoid bed bugs when traveling.

how to avoid bed bugs when traveling

1. Google your hotel name along with “bed bugs”

Simply type your hotel name into the popular search engine, and then add “bed bugs” on the end. Hit search, and you’ll soon see if the hotel is renowned for unwanted residents!

2. Spray your luggage

Any guide on how to avoid bed bugs has to include prevention methods. While you may be packing insect repellents for you and your family, don’t forget to spray your luggage with bug deterrent or repellents before you travel.

3. Inspect the hotel room and furniture

This won’t take long, but is a vital part of any arrival ritual. By pulling back the bed covers and inspecting the mattress and its seams, any specks or little bloodstains could be a sign of the bed bugs shedding their skin.

4. Be smart about where you put your luggage

It’s habit to throw your suitcase on your bed or on the floor when you arrive at a hotel room. Instead, place your suitcase on a shelf, wooden table or in a closet.

5. Grab your stuff and leave if you think there is an infestation

If you do find any evidence of bed bugs, it’s best to take your belongings and leave the room right away. Head to the front desk and explain the situation. A refund is the best option here as it’s likely the whole hotel could be infested.

6. Hang your clothes up

Always hang your clothes in the closet. Avoid leaving them draped over a bed or couch, as that will make it easy for bed bugs to hop on.

7. Wash everything as soon you get back home

Put all the clothes you packed directly into your washing machine as soon as you arrive home. Don’t let them come into contact with hampers or your bed. And be sure to wash everything: even clean clothes and packing cubes. The heat from the dryer will kill all bed bugs.

There’s nothing more sure to ruin your stay at a hotel than finding an infestation of bed bugs, so be sure to complain to the front desk, and request a refund. Often, a move to a different room simply won’t be enough as if there is one infestation, there is most likely another. By following our simple tips and booking with a little research, your stay should go smoothly, but keep our guide on how to avoid bed bugs close by!

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