7 Hacks to Make Your Home Smell Good

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One of the most inviting things about a house can be the way it smells. Think about it. Imagine walking into an absolute pigsty of a home. It’s dark and noisy. There are pets and messes everywhere, but you’re hit with the powerful scents of sparkling lemon, lime and orange. Suddenly, the home is set with feelings that are fresh, clean, bright and lively! Now, I do everything I can to keep all messes under control, but I do have kids and we live a hectic life, so anyway I can boost the feeling in my home, I am willing to try. Besides, I want to create a certain mood in my home, so that when people come over, they feel welcome. I’ve come with a few signature hacks to help out.

how to make my home smell good1. Vacuum and change the bag often

I can’t live without my vacuum, and if you have kids or pets, I can’t imagine how you can either! Vacuuming regularly (including in between the couch cushions) and putting a fresh bag inside rids soft surfaces especially of odors. I like to sprinkle a mix of baking soda and essential oils onto the carpet first before running the vacuum over it.

how to make my home smell good2. Buy fragrant plants

Consider adding a few real live plants in your home to add fragrance and help purify your air. Lavender, mint, and plumeria are all great fragrant plants!

how to make my home smell good3. Put dryer sheets anywhere odors linger

I place them in closets, gym bags, and even at the bottom of garbage cans. Slip them in between seldom-used guest sheet sets, into storage bins holding linens and out-of-season clothes, and you can even put them into your vacuum, underneath the bag.

how to make my home smell good4. Use a simmering pot

This sounds old fashioned, but it works! Put a combination of fruits and spices into a small pot and cover it with water. (I like cranberry, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and cloves.) Put it on the stove and set it to low. The subtle, natural fragrance will work its way through the house. Keep an eye on the pot to make sure the contents are just covered in water. Be sure to turn the pot off before you leave the house or go to bed.

how to make my home smell good5. Crack a window (even when it’s cold)

It’s always good to let fresh air in (and odors out).

6. Launder curtains and clean all soft surfaces

It’s easy to forget about the odor-absorbing fabrics in our home that we don’t have to clean very often. (There’s plenty to clean without having to deal with these, too!) But from time to time, give the area rugs and any upholstered items a good cleaning. Be sure to refer to the instructions or look up how-to details before attempting it.

7. Use my magic weapon: Glade® Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Fragrance Mist from Walmart

This is how to make my home smell good in a hurry! The Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Fragrance Mist by Glade® is infused with essential oils, and masterfully crafted fragrances. No. 4 Tempted™ with Patchouli and Amber is my favorite and it perfectly reflects my style. It’s got hints of warm, exotic spices mixed with freesia and golden amber. Vanilla orchid notes deepen the captivating blend along with scents of fresh eucalyptus, cedarwood, patchouli and brown sugar. These high-end room sprays are super affordable and make my home smell fresh and inviting with no effort required!

Use these 7 hacks and your place will be smelling fresh and fabulous in no time! My tried and true “how to make my home smell good” tips do the trick every time!

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