Skydive Without Jumping Out of a Plane At iFly Orlando

Want to try skydiving without having to jump out of a plane? Then you have to check out iFly in Orlando, Florida. In this video, I share with you our family’s experience trying indoor skydiving. And be sure to watch till the end, because I give you 3 insider tips that will make your experience the best that it can be.

We registered at the iFly front desk, signed electronic waivers, then headed up the stairs to the wind tunnel tower.

We waited in the observation area for awhile. It was fun to watch other participants flying for the first time. And it was really cool to see the instructors do some tricks between class sessions.

We met our instructor Francesco, checked our belongings, and took a 15-minute class where we learned the proper form to use, as well as the hand signals the instructor would use to communicate with us, since it’s far too noisy in the wind tunnel to talk.

Then it was time to fly. iFly allows kids 3 and older to fly, and there’s no upper age limit. But our 3-year-old wasn’t interested, so the two of us did it along with our 7-year-old daughter.

It was so much fun! Definitely a great experience if you’re a family that enjoys a little bit of adventure.

Here are a few insider tips to make your experience the best that it can be.

Insider Tip 1:
They provide shoes

If you’re in Florida, chances are you’ll show up in flip flops or sandals, which is obviously not appropriate footwear for skydiving. No worries though, iFly provides socks and sneakers you can change into along with your flight suit.

Insider Tip 2:
Try the high fly

For just $10 more dollars, the instructor will hold you and fly you high up into the wind tunnel, and float you back down several times. This is the best part of the experience, so definitely spring for the upgrade.

Insider Tip 3:
You can’t film yourself

Once you enter the flight area, you have to check all your belongings into a locker. So you won’t be able to film the flight with your phone or GoPro. But for a few dollars, you can purchase one photo and video from iFly and have the download link emailed to you. It’s worth the money, because they take it from an angle you wouldn’t be able to capture yourself.

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