Spotlight: Ashley of MommyWeek

Family Traveler Spotlight is the section of our publication where we profile families who love taking their children along on their travel adventures. In this edition, we meet Ashley of MommyWeek. She shares with us why she believes Mandarin Oriental is the most family-friendly luxury hotel brand, why a stay at Kiawah Island Golf Resort was one of her family’s best travel experiences, and why she never travels without a cool scarf to wrap her hair in.

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Destin, FL Photo: MommyWeek

Tell us about your family.
I’m Ashley and my husband is “T” and we’re millennial parents to BabyCake (6) and My Boys ( 9 & 10).

Where do you live when you’re not traveling?
When we’re not traveling you can find us in the Atlanta area.

Barnsley Resort, Georgia Photo: MommyWeek

What type of work do you and your partner do?
Besides being a homeschool mom, I blog full-time at MommyWeek and my husband is a serial entrepreneur and also does web & graphic design at Seward & Company.

Tell us about MommyWeek.
My site MommyWeek is a one stop shop for moms to find fun things to do with their kids, family travel info, recipes for the week’s dinner, a little bit of DIY, and real mom life posts that they can relate to. It’s really a documentation of my life, presented in a way that can benefit other women. People should read it because it’s fun, authentic, and I really love being an inspiration to others.

Charleston Harbor Photo: MommyWeek

Why do you believe in traveling the world with your children?
I believe in traveling with my children to expose them to a world I could never imagine growing up. I always look at travel as a learning experience and make sure to incorporate education into every trip.

Luxury means different things to different people. How do you define luxury when it comes to traveling with your family?
When it comes to traveling with my family, I define luxury as an extremely comfortable, exclusive, and high end trip.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort Photo: MommyWeek

What’s the best travel experience your family has ever had?
This is a hard one since we’ve had so many amazing experiences, but I will say visiting Kiawah Island Golf Resort in South Carolina. We spent time on the beach watching the sunrise, enjoyed bike riding, and even had a private boat ride dedicated to dolphin sighting. In that same weekend we spent time in Historic Downtown Charleston so it felt like I had two trips in one. Charleston is definitely one of our favorite places to visit.

What’s your favorite family-friendly luxury hotel?
My favorite family friendly luxury hotel is Mandarin Oriental. MO Hotels really cater to children and make sure they have an amazing experience. Upon check in the little ones get cookies and milk sent to the room. They provide bubble bath and rubber ducks as well as cozy robes and teddy bears for bedtime. MO Hotels also has an on-site scavenger hunt where the little ones stop by the concierge afterwards for a prize. They pay attention to detail and that is so important during a luxury hotel stay.

Panama City Beach Photo: MommyWeek

What three items do you never travel without?
I never travel without my camera, sunglasses, and a fly scarf to wrap my hair in.

What’s your favorite online travel resource?
My favorite online travel resource is TripAdvisor. I like to read reviews and look at users’ pictures before I book a hotel.

What’s the worst mistake you see other parents making when traveling?
One of the worst mistakes I see other parents make when traveling is bringing along too much stuff. More often than not, you will return home with more than you began with. Kids don’t need to bring lots of toys on a trip, or even too many clothes for that matter. Less is more!

What’s on your travel bucket list?
On my travel bucket list are Dubai, Maldives, Santorini, Paris, and Cuba.

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