8 Must Have Travel Accessories for the Gadget-Loving Traveler

Great gadgets can make our lives easier and more efficient and this is especially true when traveling. We’ve found some great travel gadgets that will simplify your tech and life while you’re traveling. While there are hundreds of ingenious gadgets that could have been included in our list, we tried to include a range that will help you with different aspects of your travel adventure, from packing, security, internet connectivity and well-being.

So without further introduction, check out this great list put together by hotel company De Vere to discover some great travel gadgets you might not have seen before.

Some items featured in this guide may have been provided by the brand for consideration. This post contains affiliate links.

Must Have Travel AccessoriesClockwise from top left: Trunkster, Satechi Smart Travel Router with USB Port, GlocalMe G2 World’s First 4G Global Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot, Wraps Wearable Braided Wristband Headphone Earbuds, OneSoap, Noke Padlock, Eton BoostTurbine 2000mAh Portable Backup Battery Pack, OSTRICHPILLOW ORIGINAL Travel Pillow

1. Innovative Suitcase

must have travel accessories

$295, Trunkster

This suitcase is far from basic. It’s the “world’s first and only rolltop suitcase,” which means no more annoying zippers. As well as being extremely robust, this suitcase has USB charging, location tracking and digital scales included as standard.

2. Bluetooth Padlock

must have travel accessories
Noke Padlock

$, Amazon

This bluetooth padlock gives you an instant luggage upgrade. It’s controlled from your phone, which means no more losing miniature keys or forgetting combinations.

3. Hand Crank Phone Charger

must have travel accessories
Eton BoostTurbine 2000mAh Portable Backup Battery Pack

$, Amazon

This great charger requires just one minute of winding up to give you four minutes of mobile phone power.

4. Internet Connection Everywhere

must have travel accessories
GlocalMe G2 World’s First 4G Global Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

$$, Amazon

Many of the gadgets we rely on today need an internet connection; GlocalMe will help you get a wireless internet connection wherever you are in the world.

5. Headphones That Can Be Worn As a Bracelet

must have travel accessories
Wraps Wearable Braided Wristband Headphone Earbuds

$, Amazon

Headphones have a tendency to get tangled up and misplaced, but these stylish headphones transform into bracelets to wear on your wrist.

6. Internet Adapter + Router

must have travel accessories
Satechi Smart Travel Router with USB Port

$, Amazon

If you’re taking a few gadgets away with you then this smart travel router is a must have. Acting as a power adapter and mobile router for over 150 countries means you will never be out of power or internet connection again.

7. Soap on Steroids

must have travel accessories

$, OneSoap

Not a traditional gadget but this soap is worthy of a mention. It’s ultra-portable, spill proof and will replace your hair and body wash. An added bonus is that it doesn’t fall under flight liquid restrictions.

8. A Pillow Nap

must have travel accessories

$, Amazon

For regular travelers who like to nap on the go, the OSTRICHPILLOW is a great choice, as long as you’re not worried about getting funny looks. This gadget provides an “immersive environment” for your naps no matter where you are.

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