9 New Luggage Brands You Need to Know

In digital world where advances in technology seem to be making their way in to all areas of life, it’s hard to believe that for so many years, no advances were made when it came to luggage. For years, travelers simply accepted cases that were almost impossible to push or pull, zips that would stick, luggage going missing or paying excess baggage fees.

However, things are changing. Here, we take a look at 8 cases that are changing the way we travel, so if you’re looking for luggage that provides Wi-Fi, transforms into a closet, weights itself or even follows along behind you, read on.

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1. Raden

new luggage brands
Photo: Raden

A genius combination of technology and practicality, Raden promises to make traveling less stressful. Yes, you read that correctly. The seriously smart Raden enables the traveler to make use of affordable technology, with two charging ports near the bag’s handle. An accompanying mobile app highlights traffic alerts, flight details and security clearance times. Perhaps more impressively, being able to track your case’s location via the app may just bring an end to misplaced luggage. Available in two sizes – carry on ($295) and checked ($395) – style is key here with seven color varieties to choose from. One for the stylish traveler.


new luggage brands
Photo: AWAY

Combining design and functionality, AWAY makes a high quality case without the high price. In addition to the lightweight German polycarbonate, the AWAY case has a luxurious silk lining and a compression divider to enable the traveler to make use of every bit of space. An integrated 10,000 mAh battery allows an iPhone to be charged five times, ideal for those long journeys where staying connected is essential. Overall, the AWAY has an uber-sleek look, being easy-to-maneuver thanks to its 360-degree spinner wheels and fits in most overhead compartments, cutting down on awkward bulk. The AWAY case gives great value for money at $225.


new luggage brands

Truly the future of luggage, the COWAROBOT R1 not only carries all your travel essentials, but becomes something of a mobile travel companion! This case actually follows you, allowing you to remain hands-free. Moving at a speed of 4.5 mph, the robotic case travels up and down slopes as well as running for 12.5 continuous miles on a full charge. Perhaps what makes this impressive case even more amazing, is its ability to see and feel the world around it. Using CO-EYE, a patented depth sensor, and transmitting the data it collects to CO-MOVE, an autonomous system, the case reacts to its surroundings and even finds its way back to you via the R1 bracelet. As you’d expect from such a case, portable devices can be kept fully charged with the 96.5 watt portable power bank. You can also have the peace of mind that the power bank complies with airport regulations. An embedded GPS system means that you’ll know exactly where your luggage is at any time, and the CO-SMART lock keeps your belongings safe. The case has an MSRP of $699.

4. G-RO

new luggage brands
Photo: G-RO

Whether for vacation or the daily commute, the G-RO is a handy bag which is durable and light enough for a whole host of uses. Not only is the G-RO easy to move, mainly down to its patented wheel design, but the handle is longer and stronger too, made from aircraft-grade aluminum. The built-in stand holds tablets perfectly and the case also comes complete with two USB ports perfect for charging mobile devices on the go. You won’t be surprised to learn that the G-RO comes with the very on-trend features such as location tracker to avoid misplaced luggage, as well as a proximity detector. The G-RO is available to buy from $399.

5. Bluesmart

new luggage brands
Photo: Bluesmart

Developed in Silicon Valley, the Bluesmart case is the brainchild of a group of friends from South America, Asia and the US who were keen to address the lack of innovation when it comes to luggage. Fully compatible with both iOS and Android, the case has two standard USB ports ideal for charging phones and tablets on the go. The 10,000 mAh battery has the capability of charging most phones up to 6 times, perfect for longer journeys. The zippered main compartment has a good amount of space for clothing and shoes, and a handy secondary compartment is ideal for laptops. It’s handy size (22” x 14” x 9”) fits in most airline cabins and the manufacturer advises that most airlines will accept the Bluesmart as carry-on luggage. An extendable handle and four wheels enable the case to spin and pull along easily. While the case is mostly made from hard shell, one side of the case consists of a fabric composite flap. The Bluesmart is priced at $399.

6. Trunkster

new luggage brands
Photo: Trunskter

The Trunkster has officially ditched the zipper, instead opting for a sliding door that allows the traveler to gain quick and easy access to their belongings. The sleek look of the Trunkster makes this a popular choice for the discerning traveler, and the rigid exterior keeps contents safe. What’s more, excess baggage fees are a thing of the past, with the Trunkster actually weighing itself. A removable battery and USB charger allows you to keep your devices topped up while on the go, and a GPS tracker means you’ll always know exactly where your case is. The Trunkster is priced at $255.


new luggage brands
Photo: FUGU

While you might not be able to actually pack the kitchen sink, this quite remarkable case from FUGU allows you to take almost everything else! Known as the “expandable suitcase” integrated air pumps allow the case to be used as either a smaller carry-on, or be fully expanded to provide more room, suitable for longer trips. Complete with foldable shelves, the luggage transforms into a personal closet in just a few moments, ideal for vacations or even when needing to freshen up while away on business. FUGU luggage is priced from $250.

8. Barracuda

new luggage brands
Photo: Barracuda

Between trips, bulky luggage can often take up valuable space around the home. Barracuda has provided the ultimate solution for such a problem. Regarded as “sleek, smart and collapsible”, the Barracuda case collapses in seconds, easily tucking away in its own storage bag. This can then be hung in the closet or stored under a bed. Another handy extra to the Barracuda is the laptop tray, complete with two cup holders. Whether catching up on some work or having a drink with friends, this extra shelf is sure to come in handy. The Barracuda also comes complete with a 360degree rotating handle with the option of locking in one of 6 positions, allowing you to find your perfect point of comfort. In addition, the Barracuda banishes missing luggage with its location tracking upgrade, and devices can be kept on the go through the USB charger. The handy ‘stuff bag’ adds a stylish way to store shoes or other belongings that you wish to keep separate from your other belongings. The Barracuda retails around $300.

9. Andiamo iQ

new luggage brands
Photo: Andiamo Luggage

For those who need to stay connected while on their travels, the Andiamo iQ provides the ultimate solution. Whether sharing a selfie on social media or responding to important work emails, the Andiamo iQ’s router pack enables you to stay online, banishing the need for expensive and often intermittent Wi-Fi. A SIM card can be easily fitted in to the iQ’s card slot when travelling abroad. The polycarbonate case comes with an aluminum frame and four spinning wheels make it easy to manoeuvre. Mobile devices can be kept fully charged with the mobile power pack and the iQ’s in-built scales will prevent additional fees due to excess baggage. Security is key with this case coming fitted with an anti-theft alert and TSA-approved locks, and a functional app for travel information helps to keep you on schedule and well-informed wherever you are. This case is soon to launch, and as such, pricing has not yet been released.

new luggage brands

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