How to Rent Ski Clothes, and Other Ski Trip Tips

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Family ski trips are memorable and fun, but beginners have to start somewhere! If your kids have never skied before, your family vacation might not go as planned. With a little preparation, however, your family will do just fine. If you’re not sure about committing to buying a bunch of expensive ski outfits, you can rent ski clothes instead from a company like Kit Lender! Here are five tips to prepare for your first family ski trip.

Shot at Beaver Creek, Colorado. Photo: Tomas Cohen
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1. Bring lots of patience and zero expectations

As a parent, you already know that everything takes longer with kids. Managing a family away from home, out in the elements, and while trying something entirely new can be a recipe for disaster. Avoid impending doom by lowering your expectations. If you have to call it a day early on, don’t stress about it. Remind yourself that you’re there to have fun, and then, don’t force it! The experience will be memorable regardless of how long you stay out or how “successful” everyone is on his or her skis.

rent ski clothes
Shot at Beaver Creek, Colorado. Photo: Tomas Cohen

2. Rent ski clothes

If you don’t ski often, if you don’t live in a snowy climate, or if you’re just trying to avoid buying an entire ski ensemble for a kid who will grow right out of it, you should rent ski clothes instead of buying them. We recently used Kit Lender and were able to get each complete set of kids’ clothes for about $20 a day! (That includes snow pants, a snow jacket, gloves and goggles. You can also purchase base layers outright through the website.) We really appreciated that the clothes were delivered straight to our resort, meaning less luggage for us to have to haul around. And rest assured, all the gear for rent is very new, often having never been worn before. Ours arrived with the tags still on each item! When you rent ski clothes with Kit Lender, you’ll always get to rock the latest gear and try out the latest technological advances in outdoor fabrics without having to make a big investment every winter.

rent ski clothes
Shot at Beaver Creek, Colorado. Photo: Tomas Cohen

3. Learn from the pros

While lessons mean spending time away from the family, they ensure that everyone learns the right way, doesn’t get hurt, and has fun. Remember the tip about patience? You might actually enjoy yourself a little more if you put the stress of teaching children on someone else, namely a well-verse instructor who knows has taught kids before. This person knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to assisting kids, so let them handle it.

rent ski clothes
Shot at Beaver Creek, Colorado. Photo: Tomas Cohen

4. Watch the weather reports

Wind and snow can make for a rough day on the slopes. Pay attention to the forecast and make it a half day of fun instead of whole day of misery if needed. Again, a short day doesn’t spell failure!

rent ski clothes
Shot at Beaver Creek, Colorado. Photo: Tomas Cohen

5. Take plenty of breaks

Kids have short attention spans, and they may need to warm up even when they insist they are fine. Cut out potential tantrums born of hunger and fatigue by taking regular breaks (hot cocoa breaks, snack breaks, and a lunch break…all with plenty of hydration). This also helps stave off altitude sickness, which you should be prepared for. If your family isn’t used to exercising at high altitudes, the possibility of headache, shortness of breath, dehydration, light-headedness and nausea is very real. This is why it’s important to stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, and not push yourself (or others) too hard in these conditions.

rent ski clothes
Shot at Beaver Creek, Colorado. Photo: Tomas Cohen

Do you rent ski clothes when you go skiing?

Expect nothing, take lessons, watch the forecast, rent ski clothes, and take plenty of breaks. Above all else, have fun!

What tips would you add to this list?

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