How to Eat Like a Local in Hydra Greece

If you ever find yourself in Athens with no time to visit one of the famous Greek islands, worry not. Within a two-hour boat ride, you can find yourself in Hydra, Greece for a day trip. Since so many jet setters visit the island (Sofia Loren and Audrey Hepburn have been among them) the locals have gone out of their way to offer all kinds of culinary experiences on their island. As a result, there are no shortage of excellent restaurants in Hydra, Greece.

restaurants in hydra greece
Photo: Marianna Digka

Hydra is a miniature little gem of a Greek island. Romantic, artistic, full of history, away from the hustle and bustle of its famous competitors, one of only two islands in the whole world where cars are not allowed and transportation is based exclusively on donkeys. It’s irresistible in every way, and it’s the perfect family getaway.

Here are some of the best, yet kid-friendly restaurants in Hydra, Greece.

Castello: All day magic on the beach

restaurants in hydra greece
Photo: Marianna Digka

Castello is an old rebuilt castle that offers affordable luxury on the beach.

This place we visited twice, not only because of the great food, but also because we loved the people who made us feel like home.

You can come here either on foot or by boat. Just ask to be dropped off at Kamini, then follow the signs to “small Kamini,” which is a smaller beach just a few meters further.

Castello is a place you can visit for breakfast, brunch, dinner, cocktails, a massage or even an all-day hangout. We loved the salmon sushi, the salad with apricot and quinoa, the skinned fried potatoes and the wide choice of omelettes.

For dessert, the one-of-a-kind Chef Argyro indulged us with lemon pie and the most incredible apple pie I have ever tasted.

Prima – Breakfast on the port

restaurants in hydra greece
Photo: Marianna Digka

Hydra’s port is so beautiful that you won’t want to miss having breakfast there.

Try Prima. I can guarantee the good quality and delicious breakfast it offers.

Do note though, that you don’t want to be there when the boat arrives, because it is very fast and noisy, and it would ruin the romantic element of this experience.

Enalion – Carefree time on the beach

restaurants in hydra greece
Photo: Marianna Digka

If you find yourself on the beach of Vlycho, you will find that Enalion is the reason you’ll not want to leave.

Swinging beds, straw umbrellas, big shady trees, camera-worthy light, this place is a secret that locals keep well.

We tasted delicious plates and fruit salads of local produce that gave us a small idea of what paradise might look like.

Kodylenia – The traditional Greek tavern

restaurants in hydra greece
Photo: Marianna Digka

Kondylenia is the place from which women of a past era used to bid adieu to their husbands leaving with the boats for sponge fishing.

It is a super-romantic restaurant for a quiet dinner of pure Greek tastes.

It is the one place that serves locally fished (and not frozen) calamari with a unique taste.

We also loved the cheese balls and the Greek salad with a twist of added capers leaves and sea fennel.

Kai Kremmudi – Eastern kitchen to your delight

restaurants in hydra greece
Photo: Marianna Digka

The name in Greek means “with onion,” a typical eastern ingredient.

This is a place we adored because of its unique combination of influences.

It offers a menu with original plates from Constantinople in a decor of pure British country style.

Tastes of the East, served in the order of the West is what this place is offering, along with Turkish delight treats for everyone on the entrance.

We had lachmazun, pastirma pie and the most incredible kiunefe with ice cream for a desert.

We even found magazines of Country Home to read as our order was preparing!

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