7 Scrumptious Seaweed Recipes to Try Now

One ingredients that’s been popping up more and more in restaurants is umami-rich seaweed. Not only is seaweed delicious, but it’s one of the few foods in the world that is high in iodine, which is critical to thyroid health. Seaweed may reduce the risk of breast cancer, and helps prevent inflammation, which can contribute to everything from arthritis to depression. If you’d like to start incorporating more seaweed into your diet, check out these 7 delicious seaweed recipes.

1. Seaweed Pesto

Seaweed Recipes - Seaweed Pesto
Photo: Tasting Page

2. Salmon-Infused Sushi Salad

Seaweed Recipes - Salmon Seaweed Salad
Photo: Cook Kosher

3. Sesame-Garlic Nori Chips

Seaweed Recipes - Nori Chips
Photo: POPSUGAR Photography/Lizzie Fuhr

4. Raw Nori Wraps

Seaweed Recipes - Raw Nori Wraps
Photo: This Rawsome Vegan Life

5. Swordfish With Seaweed Salsa Verde

Seaweed Recipes - Swordfish with Seaweed Salsa Verde
Photo: Cedric Angeles

6. Seaweed Butter

Seaweed Recipes - Seaweed Butter
Photo: Tasting Table

7. Quick Nori Roll with Cucumber and Avocado Recipe

Seaweed Recipes - Quick Nori Roll
Photo: Chocolate & Zucchini
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