Silvercar Launching in Seattle and Orlando, Kicking Off Plan to Double Operations Over Next 18 Months

Today, Silvercar unveiled plans to double its flagship airport travel operations by the end of 2018, a major expansion that will offer more travelers access to car rental the way it should be. To kick off this period of rapid growth, Silvercar is preparing to bring its signature silver Audis to Seattle on July 31 and Orlando on August 28 with reservations for both cities open today.

While many traditional players in the space are in the throes of major reductions and scale-backs, Silvercar’s innovative approach and commitment to premium customer experience have led to a massive increase in demand for its offerings. With the addition of the Seattle and Orlando locations, over 38 million annual travelers to these cities will now have access to Silvercar’s app-based rental of fully-loaded Audi A4s and its no-lines, no-hassles service.

“Silvercar is growing because people are fed up with an industry that has failed to adequately serve them. Our customer NPS rating is 3x that of the industry average and we take that very seriously,” said Silvercar CFO and President of Car Rental, Chris Donus. “Simplicity is the new x-factor and we want to serve today’s modern traveler with a customer experience that meets and exceeds their expectations. That approach is the reason we’re growing while others are struggling.”

Silvercar has also announced plans to update its fleet of fully-loaded Audi A4s to include all brand-new 2017 and 2018 models by Q4 2017. The entire rental fleet is upgraded with onboard Wi-Fi, GPS navigation, and SiriusXM satellite radio — always included at no additional cost. All Silvercar renters will continue to benefit from no fuel upcharges, no mileage restrictions, no additional fees for toll charges, and no fees for car seat rentals.

As the company prepares to expand its mobility offerings and bring its premium travel brand to new cities throughout the U.S., Silvercar is also staffing up. Amber Quist, previously CMO at Car2Go, was recently hired as the organization’s first CMO, and there are also plans underway to dramatically expand the engineering and development team to keep Silvercar’s innovation engine running at peak performance.

“With our innovative spirit and unmatched technology Silvercar is able to make travel offerings, like car rental, an integral component of the larger mobility landscape rather than an exception to it,” said Luke Schneider, CEO of Silvercar. “We’re excited to accelerate the pace of growth, and demonstrate our commitment to changing the way the world hits the road.”

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