5 Reasons to Hire a Babysitter On Your Next Family Vacation

Family vacations are all about fostering togetherness, of course. But savvy family travelers know that the most successful trips are those that have some individual time built in. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by hiring a vacation babysitter though a company like Sitters In A Second, Inc.

Sitters In a Second Reviews
Our daughters loved their time in Orlando with Christina, the babysitter from Sitters In A Second, Inc. Photo: Carmen Sognonvi

Why would you want to hire a babysitter on your next vacation? Here are five reasons to consider it.

1. Go on a date night

For most families, this is the number one reason to hire a babysitter on vacation. It certainly was for mine. As much as I’d like to pretend that my husband and I make time for a date night at least once a week, the reality is that our date nights are few and far between. That’s why we always try to arrange a babysitter for at least one evening whenever we travel.

2. Enjoy some alone time

I remember when my friends and I first became moms, we were horrified by the fact that we gave up all our privacy—we couldn’t even use the bathroom without our toddlers banging down the door! Even if your kids are older now (and a little less needy), you could probably still use some more alone time. If you’re a single parent traveling with your kids, even more so. Hiring a babysitter gives you that solo time.

3. Take your older kids on an adventure

If you have more than one child, it can be challenging to find activities that work for different age groups. Your 11-year-old might be dying to go ziplining, for example, but your 3-year-old is too young to participate. A great solution is to hire a babysitter for half a day to watch your youngest, while you take your oldest to do an activity their sibling can’t participate in.

4. Let the sitter lead an activity that you don’t love

Chances are, there’s something your kid loves to do that you… well, don’t love as much. If you want to build that activity into the vacation without having to participate yourself, hiring a sitter to do it for you is a great solution. Maybe your kid wants to spend the afternoon at the hotel playground or play video games at the hotel’s kids club. Those are activities a babysitter can coordinate. Some babysitting agencies like Sitters In A Second, Inc. even have babysitters who are swim-certified, which means that they can spend the day with your kid at the pool.

5. Give your kid a break from you

Family vacations entail a lot of together time. Sometimes, too much. As much as you enjoy a break from your child every once in awhile, your child needs a break from you too. Also, many children enjoy getting to hang out with a new adult they haven’t met before. Hiring a babysitter gives your kid the opportunity to get to know someone new, while developing a chance to miss you a bit.

Why Sitters In A Second, Inc. is a great choice for your family

I’d heard great things about Sitters In A Second, Inc. over the years, so we decided to try them out on a recent trip to Orlando.

The company hires a network of thoroughly trained and vetted babysitters, and operates in many high-end markets in California and Florida.

Sitters In a Second Reviews
When our girls woke up the next morning, the first thing they said was: “Where’s Christina?” Photo: Carmen Sognonvi

While the company does work with local families in Palm Beach, where it is headquartered, it is most well-known for providing babysitting and short-term childcare to visiting families who stay at luxury properties.

The booking process is very streamlined. You fill out an online form with your contact details, information about your children, the date, time and location of your sitting request, along with any special requests. Once the company has secured a babysitter who is available, they email you a confirmation.

We worked with Christina H., who was absolutely lovely. Originally from Texas, she had a big personality and beautiful smile, and our girls took to her immediately.

One thing to keep in mind is that per company policy, babysitters from Sitters In A Second, Inc. are not allowed to bring any toys, games or other items along with them “for safety and hygienic reasons.” So if there’s a specific activity you’d like the sitter to do with your child, you should plan to provide the supplies yourself.

Our girls really wanted a movie night, so we bought some microwave popcorn and rented a DVD of Storks for them to watch in the hotel room with Christina.

After a wonderful date night, we returned to find the girls fast asleep. Christina gave us a thorough run-down of how the night went, and we said our goodbyes.

When our girls woke up the next morning, the first thing they said was: “Where’s Christina?” Clearly she had made an impression on them, because they missed her already!

Overall, our experience with Sitters In A Second, Inc. was exceptional, and I won’t hesitate to use them again in the future.

Sitters In A Second, Inc. operates in Palm Beach; Fort Lauderdale; Miami; Orlando in FL and Newport/Laguna; Santa Monica/Marina del Rey; Beverly Hills/Los Angeles; Palm Springs/Rancho Mirage and San Francisco in CA. Their soon-to-be 10th location will be Naples, FL before heading to Washington D.C. to begin their northeast expansion.

The author received complimentary babysitting from Sitters In A Second, Inc. for purposes of this review. All opinions are her own.

Hiring a vacation babysitter gives everyone much-needed space. Sitters In a Second reviews and vets its sitters throughly. Here's how the service works.

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