5 Reasons Parents Should Go to the Spa Together, Not Alone

My husband and I recently stayed at Gleneagles, a beautiful destination hotel in Scotland. For a change, we decided to hit the spa together. It was such a wonderful experience that it made me realize that time at the spa should always be shared. Both parents deserve this treat equally because let’s face it, life is busy. A good quality massage with beautiful essential oils is a great way to unwind, even on a family vacation.

Here are my five reasons for why the spa is essential for both parents.

why parents should go to the spa together
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1. You need to work out those knots

Parents and caregivers often have more knots in those shoulders than the Titanic anchor. Life can be tricky as we attempt to juggle. We all need work. We need healing. We need to take some time out for our bodies so we can come back stronger. Plus – some work to the shoulders allows us to throw the kids around in the pool afterwards and feel good about it.

2. You can bond with your partner

When my husband and I go to the spa together, our guilty pleasure is lying with a good magazine after our treatment, breathing in the scent of essential oils and loving life. We return to our little people feeling energized and grounded. We return ready to take on the world. The spa is a great bonding place. There is a post I read a few months ago which was written by a lady in her 90s offering words of wisdom. She said: “Always respect and make time for the person who agreed to spend the rest of their life with you.” This struck a chord with me as I feel it is so natural to take those we are closest to for granted. When we go to the spa, I feel like we are working on our marriage. It is something we can enjoy together.

3. You can take care of your overall wellness

We are living in a decade where it is no longer just about our bodies. Our minds are equally important. The age of wellness is about nurturing our minds with self care and love. Easier said than done, but a good trip to the spa is therapy.

4. You can enhance your fitness

I am big on booking deep tissue massages. Why should this treatment just be for men? A deep tissue massage is a deeply restorative body treatment for both men and women. My husband and I are both into our exercise. We have tight, stressed limbs. To prevent a sports injury, a regular massage is so important – that is my excuse anyway.

5. You can enjoy infinity pools and sunset cocktails

There are so many beautiful spas around the world. A couple’s massage on the beach to the sound of the ocean is something we should all experience. As for the post-spa sunset cocktails? Those are sheer bliss. These moments are always best shared with our loved ones.

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