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Family Traveler Spotlight is the section of our publication where we profile families who love taking their children along on their travel adventures. In this edition, we meet Aimee Chan of suitcases&strollers. She shares with us why Nikoi Island in Indonesia is worth a visit, why little kids shouldn’t bring carry-on luggage, and why travel helps children appreciate the richness of a world where everyone is different.

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strollers and suitcases
Aimee and her family on a glacier in Iceland. Photo: Aimee Chan

Tell us about your family.
It’s me, my husband David, our 6-year-old son Harry, and our 3-year-old Ted.

Where do you live when you’re not traveling?
We live in Australia.

What type of work do you and your partner do?
I am a travel writer and magazine editor and founder of family travel website suitcases&strollers.

Tell us about suitcases&strollers.
We provide magazine-like travel stories, tips and inspiration for parents traveling with kids under 12. suitcases&strollers is not a personal blog; instead it is a resource to share with other parents all our expert travel tips to the best in family travel. We interview celebrities, real traveling families and use our own expertise to tell you how to ensure the best family travel experience for you and your kids, no matter where you want to go in the world.

suitcases and strollers
Aimee and her son in Vietnam. Photo: Aimee Chan

Why do you believe in traveling the world with your children?
It is essential to teach children the importance of accepting cultural diversity and to appreciate the richness of a world where everyone is different. Kids benefit so much from seeing how people live in other countries, understanding poverty as well as wealth and knowing that theirs is not the only way to live.

Luxury means different things to different people. How do you define luxury when it comes to traveling with your family?
Sometimes luxury can mean chic accommodation, infinity pools and trendy cafes that accept kids. But, increasingly, for me it can also mean an unexpected sleep in, a really well qualified nanny that the kids adore or even just two happy boys playing together quietly and letting mummy have a few minutes’ peace!

What’s the best travel experience your family has ever had?
There are so many it’s hard to pin down one. I loved taking me kids hiking over glaciers in Iceland, driving the fjords of Norway and on safari in South Africa. For the kids, the family holidays they really truly love are always the beach holidays. Hawaii, Fiji and New Caledonia were real hits for them.

suitcases and strollers
Aimee with the kids in Australia. Photo: Aimee Chan

What’s your favorite family-friendly luxury hotel?
It’s not a hotel but we all love Nikoi Island in Indonesia, a private island paradise that is just the right mix of rustic chic, relaxing activity and easily accessible retreat.

What three items do you never travel without?
Camera, baby wipes and plastic bags (you never know when you will need them — and we seem to need them a lot!)

What’s your favorite online travel resource?
suitcases&strollers, of course!

What’s the worst mistake you see other parents making when traveling?
Allowing very little children to bring their own hand luggage. Kids carry on bags are cute — until they don’t want to pull them along themselves. Recently I saw a father at an airport struggling with three kids’ mini suitcases (none of which were really designed to be easily carried over a shoulder by an adult) plus at least 3 other bags and that’s before he then tried to hold any hands or collect any large suitcases!

suitcases and strollers
Aimee in Bhutan. Photo: Aimee Chan

What’s on your travel bucket list?
The Grand Canyon
Arctic Cruise
Skiing in Japan
Foodie road trip around southern USA

Read more from Aimee at suitcases&strollers, and be sure to follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

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