What to Pack in Your Car for a Family Road Trip

Packing for a family road trip? Wondering which key things to take on a road trip? In this video, I’ll tell you the 5 road trip essentials you should pack in your car if you’re traveling with kids.

Road trips can be hard on children, so it’s important to keep everyone comfortable and entertained. Here’s exactly how we pack our car when we prepare for a road trip.

1. Trash receptacle

Many people don’t think about this, but it’s important to have a plan for where to put your garbage. Otherwise, your car can quickly become a pigsty. We use this litter bag, which I like a lot because it has a space in the bottom section to dispense tissues. I hang this behind our passenger seat, and assign our older daughter to be the Chief Garbage Officer. This means that anyone who has garbage should hand it to her, and she’s in charge of making sure it gets put in the litter bag properly.

2. Drinks and snacks

A hungry traveler is an unhappy traveler, so make sure you pack lots of snacks and drinks for the road trip. I use a regular lunch box like this to pack items that don’t need refrigeration. I include seaweed, cheese and crackers, and dried fruits and nuts. For items that do need to be kept cold, I use our cooler. I pack baby carrots, cut up strawberries in individual containers, yogurt, and string cheese. And of course, there’s lots of water and seltzer in there too. The cooler goes behind the passenger seat, so that either I or my older daughter can get to the items inside.

3. Cleaning supplies

If your kids will be eating and drinking in the car, you want to make sure you’re prepared to clean up any spills or accidents. So I always bring a plastic tub filled with cleaning supplies like paper towels, extra plastic bags, toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, extra zip loc bags, baby wipes, and some extra rags. This tub goes behind the driver’s seat.

4. Toys and games

If you don’t want your kids distracting you while you’re driving, you’ll have to make sure you keep them entertained during the road trip. I use this backseat organizer to hold everything. It has pockets on the sides for their water bottles, and inside I pack sketchbooks, one for each kid, dolls, tablets, pencil cases with crayons, pencils, and markers, a travel card game, a matching card game, and some Mad Libs. This organizer goes in the middle of the back seat, between the car seats.

5. Emergency supplies

Last but not least, you want to be prepared for any emergencies that may take place. So in the trunk I always pack a first aid kit, as well as a roadside assistance kit that has essentials like battery booster cables, a safety vest, a warning triangle, and more.

And those are the top things to take on a road trip

There are certain things to take on a road trip that will make your life much easier if you’re traveling with kids. So buckle up, get on the road, and have a great time!

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