11 Can’t-Miss Travel Safety Tips for Parents

Traveling is supposed to be a time for relaxation and recuperating. But when you have kids, all that can go out the door and stress can set in. Here are 11 travel safety tips for parents. This will make sure your vacation is as stress-free as can be.

travel safety tips for parents

1. Check for crime warnings before you decide on a destination

Going on vacation to high crime areas are an unnecessary risk. Is it worth visiting a place you know will be dangerous for your children? Instead, plan and go to a place where you don’t need to carry mace or personal protection. This will greatly reduce your worries. It will also increase the safety of not only your children, but you as well.

2. Use a child harness

If your child has ever wandered off, you know how scary it can be. Try using a child harness. You can significantly reduce the chances of your children wandering off, or losing them in big crowds. Some people will say it looks like a doggy leash. So what. But when it comes to the safety of your children, who cares what it looks like. As long as your children are safe, right?

3. Make sure your children know your cellphone number

There is also a solution If you prefer that your children walk without a harness. Make sure they know how to reach you in case they do get lost. This is an important travel tip for parents either way. As soon as your children are old enough, they should start learning how to reach you. This is also a great time for them to learn emergency numbers, but more on that later. Normally passersby would be the first to find your child when they get lost. The first thing they will ask is if they know mommy or daddy’s cellphone number. Kids struggling to remember your numbers? Tie a small tag to their shoe or backpack with your contact details.

4. Dress your children in bright clothing

One of the best travel safety tips for parents is a simple one. If you are going to crowded places, make sure your children are dressed in bright, easily identifiable clothing. If they do get separated from you, you will be able to easily spot them in a crowd.

5. Take a picture every morning of your child

Sometimes we forget what our children had on this morning. By taking a picture you can easily check it to refresh your mind. It’s also a perfect way to show emergency workers and passersby what your children look like and what they had on if they go missing. This will help improve the search efforts of employees or emergency workers.

6. Arrange a meeting place

If your children are a bit older, arrange with them where you will meet up in case they get separated. Make sure they are able to find it first, though. If they can’t find it themselves, tell them to stay where they are and you will find them shortly.

7. Teach your children water safety

If you are going to be near water, make sure your children can swim or have necessary safety gear like floaties. Never ever leave your children unsupervised near water, even if there is a lifeguard on duty. Make sure your children follow the rules of the pool and make sure they know to never dive into the shallow end. Never let them go swimming alone. Let them know what to do in an emergency, like raising their right hand if they feel they need help. And always alert adults if a friend or sibling is in need of help, instead of trying to help themselves.

8. Always put on safe sunscreen

It’s no secret that the sun is quite harmful to our skin. But did you know that some sunscreens are even worse? Some sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that wreak havoc on your child’s hormones and skin. Rather try to keep your children out of the sun and cover up with hats and clothing when they do venture out. At Least do proper research on the sunscreen you are using and find a safe reliable one you can use.

9. Make sure your children know the emergency numbers

Emergency numbers aren’t always the same if you travel to different countries. Make sure you know the appropriate emergency numbers and learn them to your children as well. They might already know 9-1-1, but talk to them if the country you are visiting differs from what they are used to.

10. Go for first aid training

Do you know what to do in case of an emergency? Sure you’ve already called 9-1-1 but seconds matter and do you know how to do CPR on a child? At least one parent should go on a first aid course, but ideally both. Also, make sure that the course covers emergency situations for children as well. Performing CPR on children or babies is very different than doing CPR on adults.

11. Make a small emergency kit

Having a small emergency kit with you at all times is the next step after the first aid course. Even with no first aid training, a bandage can make a huge difference. Also include items for smaller injuries like Neosporin and Band-Aids.

By following the travel safety tips for parents we mentioned above, you greatly reduce the chances of mishaps while traveling. This allows you to enjoy your vacation as well without constant stress. Taking the necessary precautions and proper planning, your children will be as safe as can be.
Now go and enjoy your vacation

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