These Dazzling Photos Will Make You Want to Visit Croatia

Situated on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, although it may not be the first destination Americans think of. With its unique location, deep cultural roots, and fascinating history, travel to Croatia for must-see scenic views and the vacation of a lifetime.

1. Novigrad

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Old Istrian town in Porec, Croatia. Photo: annete

This small fishing town is usually overlooked by tourists, but the bustle of the fishermen working and seagulls calling out overhead has the kind of charm only found in fishing towns.

2. Vis Island

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Adriatic town of Komiza old architecture on Vis Island, Croatia. Photo: xbrchx

One of the Croatian Adriatic Islands, Vis has been virtually untouched by developed or tourism thanks to its open sea location. After Croatia won independence, the island slowly began offering it natural landscape and historical culture to the rest of the world. Slowly but surely, this area will soon be one of the most destinations in the region.

3. Zagreb Cathedral

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Portal and towers of Zagreb Cathedral. Photo: ilijaa

Explore historical sites and religious moments on a walking tour through the city while you get lost in the magic of this tourist paradise. With so many attractions nearby, travel to Croatian sites is easy by foot, bus, or tram.

4. Dalmatian Coast

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Kastel Gomilica historic island near split, Dalmatia, Croatia. Photo: xbrchx

Located on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, the Dalmatian region is known for its coves, secluded beaches, islands of all shapes and sizes, and even inlets. The warm waters and beautiful landscape make it perfect for diving, kayaking, and other water activities.

5. Plitvice Lake National Park

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Deep forest stream and crystal clear water at Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. Photo: Michal Bednarek

Travel to Croatia to explore the beautiful, 300-square-kilometer Plitvice Lake National Park, which houses sixteen lakes, tons of waterfalls, and a variety of woodland animals like bears, wolves, boars, and rare birds.

6. Hvar

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Paklinski Islands, a famous yachting and sailing destination near Hvar in Dalmatia, Croatia. Photo: xbrchx

The fourth largest Croatian island, Hvar, has a sunny environment with just the right amount of rain to maintain the fields of lavender, sage, rosemary, and thyme that grow in the area. Because of this, in the spring, the entire island produces a miraculous smell!

7. Dubrovnik

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Cubrovnik scenic view on city walls. Photo: zechal

A prominent tourist attraction, this walled city was once an independent republic that survived for quite some time considering the threats it received from neighboring empires. Today, the wall remains amazingly intact.

8. Blue Grotto

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Blue Grotto. Photo: natursports

Located in a small bay on the east side of Bisevo lies a water-logged sea cave that produces a glowing blue light during certain times throughout the day. The Blue Grotto is a popular tourist destination due to its beauty and wonder.

9. Pula Arena

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The amphitheather in Pula, Croatia. Photo: Szilagyi Palko Pal

Also known as Pula Amphitheatre, Pula Arena is a restored historical Roman amphitheater that was built in the first century AD by the same Emperor responsible for the Colosseum. The area once hosted Roman gladiator battles and knight tournaments during the medieval period.

10. Krka National Park

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Krka National Park, Croatia. Photo: Paul Prescott

Dominated by gorgeous waterfalls decorating the landscape, Krka National Park spans from the western Dinaric Range to the sea close to Šibenik. Over time, the waterfalls have created a miraculous 200-meter-deep canyon.

Ready to travel to Croatia yet?

With such amazing weather and natural beauty, travel to Croatia for tourist-friendly cities, regional and historical influences, and amazing scenic views.

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