These 9 Photos Will Get You Fired Up to Visit Jordan

One of the most misunderstood destinations, Jordan is a safe and hospitable country in the Middle East. Those who travel to Jordan discover a peaceful country full of lost cities, epic adventures, and life changing views.

1. Dead Sea

Travel to Jordan
Dead Sea landscape on a summer day. Photo: Oleksandr Lysenko

By far one of the world’s most amazing destinations, the Dead Sea is a 67-kilometer-long lake that sits at the lowest point on earth. Because it’s one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water, people travel to Jordan to effortlessly float and take advantage of the black mud’s skin-friendly benefits.

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2. Wadi Mujib

Travel to Jordan
The green waters of the land-locked Dead Sea in Jordan from a cottage by the entrance to Wadi Mujib, on the Jordan side. Photo: Grazia Neri

The eastern shore of the Dead Sea houses Wadi Mujib, a nature reserve consisting of rugged mountains with a 1,300-meter elevation variation, several flowing rivers, and various plants and animals.

3. Amman

Travel to Jordan
Blue Mosque in Amman, Jordan. Photo: Matej Hudovernik

The largest city in Jordan, historical capital, and home of the King, Amman was built on rolling hills at the Ajlun Mountains’ eastern boundary. Today, it’s Jordan’s main commercial, financial, and international trade centers.

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4. Petra

Travel to Jordan
The treasure tonight, Petra, Jordan. Photo: Francisco Javier Gil Oreja

Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world, is a city carved into the surrounding sandstone cliff faces by the Nabataean empire. Once a thriving trading center, it became lost to the Western world for hundreds of years.

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5. Wadi Rum

Travel to Jordan
Wadi Rum in Jordan. Photo: Adrian Wojcik

Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon, offers one of the world’s most gorgeous desert landscapes. The 74,000-hectare property contains over 25,000 rock carvings that trace the evolution of human thought and language formation.

6. Ajloun Castle

Travel to Jordan
The Ayyubid Castle of Ajloun in northern Jordan, built in the 12th century. Photo: Vladimir Zhuravlev

An Islamic castle built atop Mt. ‘Auf around 1183, Ajlun has fantastic views of the Jordan Valley, which was once part of an elaborate strategy against invaders.

7. Umm Qais

Travel to Jordan
Roman ruins at Umm Qais, a town in northern Jordan near the site of the ancient town of Gadara. Photo: Vladimir Zhuravlev

At its peak, Umm Qais was established by the Greeks as a creative and intellectual hub, home to famous poets, mathematicians, philosophers, and poets.

8. Quseir Amra

Travel to Jordan
Quseir Amra desert castle near Amman, Jordan. Photo: Vladimir Zhuravlev

The Ancient Arab palace, Quseir ‘Amra, is a well-preserved red limestone palace located on near a desert oasis. Its impressive vaulting system demonstrates eastern arches and painted fresco decorations.

9. Aqaba

Travel to Jordan
People on urban beach in Aqaba town. Photo: vvoennyy

A mix of history, nature, and city life surrounded by picturesque mountains and blue waters, Aqaba is warm year-round, making it perfect to relax on the beach and explore the coral reefs of the Red Sea.

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Jordan is famous for tourism – whether for religious pilgrimages, exploring history, or taking in amazing scenes and landscapes. Take a step back, travel to Jordan, and delve into the magic and wonder of history at every turn.

Jordan is a safe and hospitable country in the Middle East. Those who travel to Jordan will discover lost cities, epic adventures, and life changing views.

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