How to Buy the Right Trip Insurance for Your Family Vacation

There’s no doubt about it, preparing for a vacation is exciting. While sunscreen, passports and clothes may top your list, trip insurance is something that many of us leave right until the last minute, if we remember it at all. While in most cases a vacation runs smoothly, the worst can sometimes happen, so here are some tips when searching and buying trip insurance.

trip insurance

1. Buy travel insurance at the same time as booking travel

When booking a trip, why not book your trip insurance at the same time? One of the main reasons for travelers not taking out coverage is that they simply forget. By booking your trip insurance on the same day your trip is booked, you’ll be free to get on with preparing and looking forward to your time away.

2. Make sure you’re not already covered

This sounds obvious, but many people are completely unaware that they already have trip insurance. Many bank accounts and credit cards provide trip insurance, and some employers also provide benefits that include this coverage. While lots of people receive such coverage, they are simply unaware that they have it, so purchase additional coverage unnecessarily. In many cases, while you may have trip insurance, you will need to activate your policy, so always check beforehand.

3. Don’t buy from a travel agent, tour operator or airline

While this is often a convenient method of purchasing trip insurance, the coverage is not always the most suitable for your needs, or indeed the best price. It is worth shopping around and buying direct from an insurance provider, as you’ll not only be able to take advantage of the most competitive prices, but you’ll also have access to more customized policy options that meet your requirements.

4. Take into account the type of vacation

Your policy requirements will vary according to the type of trip you are planning. A trip for business has very different needs compared to a ski holiday for example, so be sure to factor this in when shopping around. This is vital, as some policies may not cover certain activities, so add-ons will be required.

5. Know what is not covered in your plan

While it isn’t the most exciting task, it’s worth spending some time scanning over an insurance policy, checking what is covered by your plan and what is not. This can be essential knowledge should the worst happen, and means you can prepare accordingly.

6. Ensure the coverage has a “high coverage limit” on medical expenses

Clearly, medical treatment is one of the most important aspects of trip insurance coverage, so take the time to check the coverage limit on medical expenses. A reputable company should provide up to $100,000 in coverage care, though more expensive policies may cover higher amounts.

Whether traveling on business or jetting off with the family, take care of everyone in your party and gain peace of mind, with the most suitable trip insurance.

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