How to Take Better Vacation Pictures

Being a travel blogger, I get to see a lot of fabulous vacation pictures online, but not all of them are created equal! If you want the pictures to translate the beauty of the destination and the magical memories your family made there, you’ll want to follow a few simple tips. Here are 5 ways to take better vacation pictures:

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1. Consider coordinating outfits

Take a look at your last set of vacation pictures. Maybe Dad was wearing a pastel golf shirt, the kids were wearing primary-colored character t-shirts, and you were sporting jewel tones. Competing colors distract from what you really want to showcase. You don’t have to wear matching clothes, but plan ahead to make sure everyone wears the same color group. I like to pack the same colors for everyone throughout the length of the trip, such as blues and whites for beachey destinations. In this way, everyone can wear whatever they want while on vacation and still coordinate effortlessly.

2. Hire a photographer

You don’t have to be an online influencer to hire a professional (nor do you have to spend a fortune). Services like Flytographer, Localgrapher, and SweetEscape match customers up with local photographers in any destination they might be visiting. They also offer packages from 30 minutes to the length of your entire stay, so there is something for every budget. Hiring a pro means everyone is in the photo, they’re higher quality, and candid moments including the whole family can be captured.

3. Don’t look at the camera all the time

Pretend the camera isn’t there. If everyone stares into the camera, freezes, and smiles, the image will look posed and awkward. There’s definitely room for a few formal shots, but be sure to mix it up. The best pictures are often the candid ones, with genuine smiles, that capture real memories. “Plandid” photos are also a great option. These are planned, but still look candid. You might say, “Walk from here to there and I’ll snap a few shots with the fabulous background.” In this way, the subjects look natural, but you still get the shot you want. I also suggest keeping your phone handy and just following your kids. You’ll capture moments of joy and discovery when you snap without them knowing.

4. Take a photo from behind your subject

These photos are all over Instagram and for good reason: When you see a person looking at something spectacular, you feel like you are experiencing it with them. It gives the viewer an entirely different feeling than if they stumbled across a photo of you smiling in front of something photo-worthy.

5. Get in the picture

Oftentimes one parent ends up missing from all of the photos because they are the family photographer. If that’s you, every once in a while, hand off the camera and allow others to snap away. Moms, in particular, might be the ones who do the bulk of the vacation planning and yet they are missing from the vacation memories entirely.

If you want better vacation pictures, follow my advice: plan to color coordinate your outfits; hire a photographer; avoid always looking into the camera; take a few shots from behind your subjects; and make sure both parents actually get in the family photos!

What are your tips for taking better vacation pictures?

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Do your family vacation pictures capture the experience you had, or is something not quite right about them? Take better family vacation pictures with these five tips.

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