Why Kids Will Love Whale Watching in Cabo

Want to get up close to humpback whales in their natural habitat? Then you have to check out Whale Watch Cabo in Los Cabos, Mexico.

In this video, I’ll share with you our family’s experience viewing these magnificent animals on a private whale watching tour. And be sure to watch till the end, because I’ll be giving you 3 insider tips that will make your experience the best that it can be.

Cabo is a whale-watching mecca. The primary whale-watching season is December to April and during this time, you have a 95% chance or better of seeing gray whales and humpback whales.

There’s no shortage of companies that do whale watching tours in Cabo, but we chose Whale Watch Cabo because it staffs its boats exclusively with trained scientists.

All the guides have degrees in fields like marine biology and ecology, so they’re extremely knowledgeable, and they conduct the tours in a way that creates as little disruption as possible to the whales themselves.

After checking in at the office, we were introduced to our guide Jessica, a lovely young woman from Australia.

We took a quick walk down to the pier, where our girls decided to have an impromptu dance party.

We boarded the boat, got our life vests on, and started the tour.

First we visited the famous rock formations outside the marina, and we got up close enough to see some of the animals that make their home there.

In addition to several different species of birds who nest at the very top of the rocks, we also came across a group of sea lions sunning themselves.

Then it was time to head out in search of whales.

We left the Sea of Cortez and entered the Pacific Ocean. Since we were sailing into the waves, the water was very choppy, and at times it felt like we were riding a roller coaster.

We were lucky enough to see quite a few whales on our tour. Sometimes they were far away near the horizon, other times they were closer.

But by far the best sighting came in the last 15 minutes of our tour. Just as we were about to head back to the marina, our captain noticed some activity near us.

Next thing we knew, we found ourselves staring at a female whale being escorted by two males. It was magnificent.

Here are a few insider tips to make your experience the best that it can be.

Insider Tip 1:
Bring a jacket

It can get cool out on the water, plus when the ride gets bumpy, you might get a bit wet from the ocean spray. So it’s a good idea to bring a sweater or light jacket for you and the kids.

Insider Tip 2:
Pack some snacks

You’ll be out on the water for quite a few hours, and the tour doesn’t serve food. So if you want to avoid your kids complaining about being hungry, pack a few snacks. If you forget to bring them, there’s a small gift shop at the marina where you can buy a few things before you board the boat.

Insider Tip 3:
Get free photos

As they’re out on the water, the Whale Watch Cabo guides take photos in order to collect visual ID data for the Los Cabos Whale Conservation Society Humpback Whale ID Project. After our tour, you’ll receive an email with a Dropbox link from which you can download all the photos for free.

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