3 Easy and Delicious Ways to Serve Potstickers

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If there’s one thing my family can’t get enough of, it’s dumplings. Whether we’re talking about wontons or ravioli or gyoza, my girls are always up for eating dumplings! Potstickers are hands-down their favorite though. One of the things I love about dumplings is that they’re so versatile. If you’re looking for ideas on what to serve with potstickers, here are 3 of the ways I like to prepare potstickers for my family:

what to serve with potstickers

1. Add boiled dumplings to soup

Noodle soup makes for a super-easy weeknight dinner. Heat up a pot of chicken stock, cook your favorite noodles in them, then just before serving, add in boiled dumplings and top with sliced scallion. This easy and delicious preparation method should solve the issue of what to serve with potstickers!

what to serve with potstickers

2. Add fried potstickers to a stirfry

Want another idea for what to serve with potstickers? Here’s a fun one: Make your favorite stirfry dish and on the side, brown potstickers by cooking them in a nonstick skillet coated with oil. One the stirfry is finished, gently mix in the fried potstickers with a wooden or plastic spatula, taking care not to pierce the dumpling wrapper.

what to serve with potstickers

3. Enjoy dumplings on their own

As much as I’m always looking for creative ideas on what to serve with potstickers, sometimes I just want to savor the flavors of the dumplings themselves. When that’s the case, I serve the dumplings on their own! I love picking up a package of Ling Ling Pork & Vegetable Potstickers, boiling them, and serving them with the included delicious signature dipping sauce, topped with some sliced scallions.

what to serve with potstickers

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what to serve with potstickers

Have you decided what to serve with potstickers at your next dinner?

I hope this post gave you some new ideas for what to serve with potstickers next time you’re in the mood for dumplings. Which serving idea is your favorite?

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